Feminism or misandry.

Is it really that hard not to be an a**hole? If everyone today took a minute to figure out if they were an a**hole and then stop being an a**hole, there would be no wars. This rant didn’t stem from war though, unfortunately it stemmed from feminism, or rather that of “I don’t actual care about womens rights I just think men are dickheads for being nice”. ¬†If someone is a feminist because they think women have unequal rights, are treated differently in the workplace or believe we have unfair wages, Good for you! stick with it, you’re doing the right thing. If you’re a feminist because you hate men you should probably stop reading now.

I just read a feminist blog where a girl broke up with her boyfriend ,who she stilled loved because he did things such as hold the door open for her. I understand you are capable of holding the door open yourself but men aren’t monsters because they’re polite. Would you hate it if a women held the door open for you or would that be okay because she is your equal? And these are the people fighting for equality, see my issue here?

Feminism isn’t about men who are nice to women, maybe nicer to us than they are towards men, that is bulls**t. Feminism should be about getting equal rights not being an a**hole to someone just because they have a penis. Without penis you wouldn’t be alive!

Anyways, I do realize this is a controversial issue and I may have offended some people, but to be perfectly honest I think there is a fine line between feminism and misandry in our days, and i think it needs to stop. Wanting equality shouldn’t make you treat people differently, that should be common knowledge but apparently not.


If everyone else is doing it, why does it seem so hard?

Being eighteen isn’t really all it’s cut out to be. Everyone expects you to grow up, get a job, keep your grades up in college and generally just be mature, easy for some people but torture for me. I can’t focus on anything. As far as keeping my grades up goes I’m pretty sure I made an awful decision in my course. I thought I was going to be an English and Geography teacher, but i’m struggling to write a page in a exam without breaking down, no matter how much I study.

I keep wondering where my life is going, how do I know what i want when I’ve never experienced anything beyond the streets of my cozy small town. Everyone knows everyone here, there’s nothing new or exciting. I need to get away from this place, from family, school, adulthood and even my friends. I need to get to know myself and how to make myself happy without ¬†constantly hearing that i need to get a job and study and make time for my friends and clean my room and do assignments! over and over again. I’m going to burst like a big neurotic balloon! I know these things aren’t difficult for most people which is the worst part, most people my age can balance good grades, jobs and socializing but I can’t.

I think I need to discover myself, I just don’t know how.

My voice in My head hates being alone. It hates Me.

It doesn’t like the things I say and doesn’t think I’m smart,

I wish that it would go away but what would fill My thoughts?

Emptiness and silent assumptions.

If the voice goes will I still know? Will I still be captivated by My neurotic ways?

It likes the people around Me, it likes My life. Why not Me?